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Dec 07, 2020

Use the email address registered in Active Directory for F5 BIG IP APM OTP authentication

I'm having trouble setting up the F5 BIG-IP APM


I would like to use the OTP authentication function that F5 BIG-IP APM has as standard.


I want to send the OTP to the email address of the mobile phone registered in Active Directory.


Has anyone ever made such a setting?


please give me your wisdom.


Best regards

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  • Hello Keigo.

    Which DB do you expect to find your email address?

    Usually, people stores email and phone information in the AD and APM can get both using a LDAP query.

    VPE policy should look like this:

    - LDAP query to get email

    - Generate OTP code

    - Send an email with the previous code

    - Use a logon page to ask for that code

    - Verify the code