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Oct 24, 2018

Use APM variable in redirect ending for VPE

Trying to clean up my VPE, would like to create a handful of macros and have minimal endings: allow, deny, redirect, etc.


Is it possible for me to use a variable on a Redirect ending in the redirect URL box? Does it take TCL at all? I was hoping to just use a redirect to https://{[mcget {}]} or something. Maybe tack on a URI variable also.


Worst case scenario, I could use an iRule on ACCESS_ACL_DENIED if I'm not able to do this in VPE, correct? Any other events I should consider?


Also, are there any limits on Macro calls in a VPE? Nested Macro calls? Not trying to do any loops or anything.


Thank you.


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  • Do you want to redirect to an uri on the same host?

    If it’s on same hostname, create a variable assign with data

    session.server.landinguri =

  • You can create a redirect with a variable containing url.

    The url in redirect may be