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Jun 16, 2019

URL Custom category never matches on lookup

If I add a URL to a custom category, and then use the built-in category lookup feature, I never get a hit on the custom category I have created. Isn't that supposed to match?


I would like to use this for SSLO bypass. My idea was to create a custom category, and in the SSLO Security Policy do a SNI category lookup to bypass inspection. That way you could easily add a URL to the category and so it would be bypassed. But it does not work, probably because the URLs in the custom category does not match that category when you do a lookup. I have tried added both known URLs like and unknown URLs, and also wildcard-URLs and specific URLs including protocols. Neither matches my custom group. The URLDB is downloaded and matching the downloaded DB and pre-defined categories works fine.



Provisioned modules: LTM, APM, AFM, SSLO, URLDB, DNS, AVR, iRulesLX

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