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Sep 06, 2011

Urgent Request Please on Oracle Weblogic 10.3.5 - iRules




i have critical installation with major client , i did LTM + WA installation as per of the deployment guide for Oracle Weblogic 10.3.5



& every thing is working fine,



but the customer looking for iRule that do the following :



1- when the user access the portal for Oracle application & the session limitations is reached there , he need f5 to give him a waiting page,



2- this waiting page must contain the following :



A- number of session at the current time using this portal/application



B- timer counting down on the remaining time that he have to wait until be able to use the portal,



C- customizing this page by his headlines & logo & some extra messages explain to the user what is going on,



we have big competitions with another vendors who mention that they can do this easy



please this is urgent , can any one help me in this ?



thanks in advance for all


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  • Hi Ramy,



    I suggest working with your F5 SE on this scenario. You could start with these types of examples and customize it: