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Jan 20, 2011

upgrading LTM to 10.2.0HF2

I am trying to upgrade my F5's to 10.2.0HF2, is there documentation stating how?



right now they are running partitions with main one running 10.0.1HF3 and old partition has ver9.



I want to use logical drive and keep 10.0.1HF3 incase i have to fall back but put 10.2.0HF2 also.



I have already downloaded the iso files for 10.2.0 and for the HF2




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  • When you say you want to use a logical drive, do you mean you'd like to convert to LVM? If that's the case, I'd recommend re-installing 10.0.1HF3 but going to volumes. Then from there, I'd install 10.2 and apply the hotfix.



    Here's the 10.2 instructions:




    Hotfix should be similar.



    If you have a support contract, support is always very useful when it comes to planning an upgrade.
  • Thanks Chris.........we have support contract but thought I could try it myself......



    yeah i want to get rid of partitions and just use the HD (i guess LVM)



    so you say to RE-FORMAT the F-5 and then load the 10.0.1HF3 (which I am currently using on F5) and then load the new 10.2.0HF2 afterwards?



    seems straightforward..........just need to figure out how to start the re-format proccess..........



  • If installing from the GUI, the software installation utility will allow you to choose volumes. Otherwise, per the documentation above, the commands below will help.

    For the full text:

    Warning: Do not use the --nomoveconfig option described in the following procedure on systems with existing, running installations of Application Security Manager. Doing so removes all content from the associated database. Instead, ensure that the configuration on the source installation location matches the one on the destination. 
    To do so, save the UCS configuration on the location you want to preserve, and apply that configuration to the destination before or after the installation operation.
    To format for volumes and migrate the configuration from the source to the destination (for fully 10.x environments), run the command:
    image2disk --instslot=HD --format=volumes 
    To format for volumes and preserve the configuration on the destination (for fully 10.x environments), run the command:
    image2disk --instslot=HD --nomoveconfig --format=volumes 
    To format for partitions (for mixed 9.x and 10.x environments), run the command:
    image2disk --instslot=HD --format=partitions 
    To install from the command line without formatting (not for first-time 10.x installation), run the command:
    bigpipe software desired HDversion 10.x build  product BIG-IP
    To install from the version 10.x browser-based Configuration utility, use the Software Management screens.
    After the installation finishes, you must complete the following steps before the system can pass traffic.
    Ensure the system rebooted to the new installation location.
    Log on to the browser-based Configuration utility.
    Run the Setup utility, if needed.
    Provision the modules.