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Jun 28, 2012

Upgrading BIG-IP LTM active/standby pair

We have 2 3600 units in an active/standby pair. They are currently running 10.2.4 ad we are upgrading to 11.2. I've read the upgrading active/standby pair document and for the most part everything is clear but there are a few things I am not sure about. Im hoping someone who has been through this before can offer some clarification.



After I upgrade the standby unit, will it automatically try to become the active unit? The document isnt really clear on this as it says:




When you finish the installation of version 11.0 onto Device B, it creates a traffic group called traffic-group-1. The version 11.0 traffic group fails over to Active state on Device B, and Device A (the version 10.x device) changes to Standby mode. Note that the Unit ID that was used in version 10.x becomes obsolete in version 11.0.




This seems to imply that after the new traffic group is created, the devices will automatically swtich roles. I do not want this to happen. I would like to upgrade the standby unit and have it stay as standby until I can verify that everything has worked correctly and then manually flip them and test before upgrading the other unit. Is this possible?












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  • After I upgrade the standby unit, will it automatically try to become the active unit?i understand it will go active after upgrading since failover configuration is totally different between v10 and v11.



    i understand upgrading from v10 to v11 would have downtime. if i were you, i would disconnect standby unit from network and do upgrade. then disconnect active (v10) unit from network and connect v11 unit to network and test. if everything is going well, i would do upgrade active (v10) unit and finally connect it back to network.