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Aug 18, 2023

BIG-IP ASM active/standby to active/active


Presently we are using ASM Big ip as active/standby due to that we are affecting on CPU high utilization. So, now we are planing to change the BIG IP ASM as active/active. Is it possible to change in production envirnoment.

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  • Hello,

    yes it is possible to do it simply creating a second traffic-group (traffic-group-2) and forcing device 2 (standby unit) as the default device for traffic-group-2. You can follow this guide to do that:

    After that you have to move the virtual IP you want to be active on traffic-group-2. The following article describe how to do it:

    Please notify that if you have APM provisioned, APM  is NOT supported in an Active-Active configuration.

    If your problem is the high CPU utilization, moving to an Active-Active could be seen as a good solution and maybe you can think that you can add more services because CPU utilization has decreased; take care that an outage of one peer in that scenario will cause a BIG problem.


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      Hi Ceinar,

      While I create a second traffic-group (traffic-group-2) How should I set a default device in that group, Which failover order using to configure "perffer order or Load aware" (device 1 and device2).