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Nov 21, 2023

Upgrade F5 in Azure - other option than ARM templates?


I have 16.1.3 Active/Standby F5 Cluster running as VE in Azure.

I need to upgrade it to 16.1.4.

I found F5 how to manuals using ARM templates, yet we have some TerraForm scripts automating F5 deployment, that collide with ARM template approach (we'd need to do an upgrade with ARM template, then run TerraForm script and next bring back config from backup).

Due to how to manual suggest to remove the VM completely and we have TF script that deploys 2 VMs, configure IPs, users and a cluster itself I'd need to remove whole F5 PROD Cluster to achieve that...

And if something goes wrong, then we'd need to create the config manually or bring back F5 from backup - both things I'd like to avoid if possible...


In this situation - tell me please - is there an approach to make the upgrade classic way?

I mean - download F5 image ver 16.1.4 and point it in F5 - boot from this one?

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