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Sep 07, 2023

upgrade directly from os version 14.1. to 17.1.0

hi  is it possiible to upgrade from 14.1 to 17.1.0 , refer to this you must minimum requirment 15.1  i have gtm support 16 version but on ltm have rseries ...
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    Sep 07, 2023


    Hi Anzine321 ,

    Is possible Yes, is recommended off course not, in an upgrade some elements of your configuration are modified to the new version, so if you have a complex configuration in this upgrade you probably gonna have many issues with your configuration transformation, So you have to follow the version Upgrade paths, first upgrade to 15, and then upgrade to 17.

    For your other question big3d is like software running in the Big-IP, if you want to have your LTM in V16 and your DNS r series in V17 you have to use the same version of big3d for correct communication, but is really recommended to have all the systems in the same version.

    Hope it´s work.