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Nov 06, 2023

Upgrade Best Practices Physical GTM and LTM vCMP

We have migrated our environment to standalone physical GTM's and LTM vCMP's.  Our previous enviroment was all physical can ran on the same device as partitions so the upgrade was fairly stratigh forward.  Now we need to perform an upgrade and from what I understand the LTM is recommended to be upgraded first, is that still the case?  I have checked the matrix for vCMP and I am questioning should we upgrade the host first to the newer version then upgrade the LTM vCMP's?  Should they be the same version going forward or can the host be upgraded to a higher version the vCMP.  I guess I am just looking for some real world procedures and best practices.



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      Thank you sir for the article link. You made my day. I appreciate your help.

  • Hello,

    I always upgrade the VCMP host first, as per the below article provided form F5.

    You will need to shutdown the VCMP guests first, start upgrading the VCMP host, and then deploy the VCMP guests again one by one.

    After ensuring that everything is find on both the host and the running guests, you can upgrade the VCMP guests sequentually.

    Note: this is for VCMP (non viprtion system)



    Mohamed Salah

  • Thanks so much for the response, I have found others that state they change the vCMP guest to either Configured or Provisioned, and they change the base image of the guest to the actualy running (ours is the original version it was deployed to and has since been upgraded).  Do you have any advise on if this i needed?