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Sep 30, 2010

Updated iRule not applied to existing connections?

When I update an iRule it looks like any existing connections will continue to use the old version. Can anyone shed some light on this behavior?


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  • Clarification: in an earlier iteration of the iRule I logged a specific message to the log file. I have since changed this, but it looks like the old logging directive persists. Curiously, the other parts of the iRule are not persisting (which is good!).
  • Hi Arie,



    Theoretically, existing connections shouldn't be affected by a change to the iRule--they should continue to use the old version of the iRule. Spark commented on this in a post here:



    iRule not applied immediately




    But I and others have seen some odd behavior when updating iRules on actively used virtual servers as described in the post. If you're able to reproduce the issue, you could open a case with F5 Support and ask them to help you investigate the issue.