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Mar 04, 2022

Updated iRule for radius called-station-id attribute 31 (persistence)

Hello Folks,

Is there an updated iRule for radius called-station-id attribute 31 (persistence) that is available ? There was one posted several years ago and being new to iRules, it doesn't work with latest LTM version and I don't know where to see that it is failing.



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  • Hello Ed3, I've configured radius persistence on a customer last year without need for an iRule.

    There's persist option available in RADIUS type traffic profile. 

    Other than that, you'll need an universal persistence profile that enables cross-service persistence (used for accounting/authentication persistence on same server). 


    ltm persistence universal /Common/radius_xsvc {
        app-service none
        defaults-from /Common/universal
        match-across-services enabled
        timeout 300
    ltm profile radius /Common/radiusLB_31 {
        app-service none
        clients none
        defaults-from /Common/radiusLB
        persist-avp 31


    Apply both profiles in both your VS's for auth/acc. 

    Also, check this link:

  • considering that you need an UIE persistence, I think that you need to create two persistence records separately and after that, test if exists persistence for those keys with "persist lookup uie". But you need to ensure that during the first, you have both $var keys, otherwise you may persist in two places. Am I wrong? What do you think about it?