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Feb 14, 2011

Ubuntu laptop and Virtual edition



I am trying to use my ubuntu laptop with LTM vm. Has anyone got linux success stories?


Due to the following I gather I will have to use ESXi and not 10.2.0



1/ Host machine requirements

To successfully run BIG-IP VE Trial, the host system requires the following software:


  • VMware Workstation 7
  • Windows 7 (64-bit) or Windows XP, Service Pack 3 (32-bit) operating system
2/ 10.2 VE is only supported on VMware ESX and ESXi and with a non-trial license key. 10.2 VE is not supported on VMware Workstation 7.


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  • I had joy with VMware server 2.0. Important note; the console doesn't launch from FireFox. You have to manually launch it to connect to the appliance for intial setup.






    Clean GTK setup for VMWare




    export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true



    Find console executable in Firefox plugins.


    vmrc="$(find "$HOME/.mozilla/firefox" -name vmware-vmrc -type f -perm -111 | tail -1)" [ -x "$vmrc" ] || exit 1 VMLIB=$(dirname "$vmrc") VMLIB=$(dirname "$VMLIB")/lib export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$VMLIB/$VMLIB/$VMLIB/libview .so.2:$VMLIB/$VMLIB/$VMLIB/


    set -x cd "$(dirname "$vmrc")" && "$vmrc" -h localhost:8333
  • You should be able to use Workstation 7 with the trial edition of BIGIP-LTM (10.1.0) - you don't need ESXi or ESX, though it works on those Hypervisors too.



    (10.2.0 is non-trial version, which has fundamental differences that don't apply to the trial edition - theres at least one thread on that topic in this forum)


  • For the record I got it (10.1.0) working in Ubuntu 10.10 with Workstation 7