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Aug 30, 2011

Two separate internet connections - how ?

First of all, is it even possible? (NOT to load balance two connections but to use them separately)



We've been running our f5 with 1 internet connection for a while now and works great.


The general config is:




self ip (example :) ) -> outside vlan untagged interface 1.1


default gw




self ip -> "INSIDE" tagged interface 1.3




bunch of virtual servers connected to the switch sharing the same vlan as interface 1.3


all server's default gw are set to




when ping outside world from all those servers the IP is being detected as (which is a self ip of the LB)








now comes the interesting part:


we added a switch that has vlan 10, a new internet connection is going from the router into that switch.




what i've tried so far:


connected interface 1.2 of the LB to the switch, added self ip


created vlan 10 untagged on interface 1.2


added another self ip -> "INSIDE_2" untagged 1.2




on one of the servers added default gw as




NOW, when i try to ping the outside world the IP is being detected as !!! which means I'm using the other internet connection ??? and not the second one?




I've tried playing around with routes, like adding as route for inside_2 - didn't work :(




Anyone got any hints for me ?




Thank you!!!


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  • Hi Paul,



    Can you clarify what you're actually trying to implement with the second external ISP connection? Do you want some internal hosts to use the original ISP link and others to use the new one? Active/standby load balancing of internal traffic out through the two links? Or something else?



    If you're trying to have internal_vlan_1 use external_vlan_1 as a gateway and internal_vlan_2 use external_vlan_2 as a gateway you can use Denny Payne's scenario here:





  • Thank you for reply!



    What i'm trying to do is to load balance two sets of servers with two internet connections.



    INET1 -> LB -> POOL [server 1, server 2, server 3... ]


    INET2 -> LB -> POOL [server a, server b, server c... ]
  • If you create a separate VLAN for each ISP link you can create a virtual server per VLAN and enable it only on one VLAN. Each VS can reference a different pool. As long as you have auto lasthop enabled TMM will send the reply out the same VLAN it received the client connection on.



  • I've looked everywhere but I couldn't find " auto lasthop ".


    There is a "last hop pool" option inside VS properties and that's about it.


    Am I not looking in the right place?
  • It's a global option (enabled by default) in v10 under System ›› Configuration ›› Local Traffic ›› General ›› Auto Last Hop.



  • I don't have ready access to a 9.4.3 unit, but I checked a 9.4.8 and 9.3.1 unit. Both have the Auto Lasthop option in the same place as v10. If it's not there in 9.4.3 you could look in the database:



    b db connection.autolasthop



    It's enabled by default.



  • yep, it is enabled, now i just need to play around with those vlans.



    Thank you for help!