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Apr 01, 2019

Trying to transfer UCS backup to sftp server.. cannot automate using SolarWinds job


I'm trying to automate F5 LTM's ucs backup via SolarWinds job. I'm able to generate the ucs backup however I'm not able to transfer the backup file to my sftp server. After the expect script I'm getting prompted for password again. Which I think F5 is not taking the PASWRD variable I just passed.

Any input is appreciated!

bash cd /config FileName="$HOSTNAME"-

date +%d_%B_%Y_%H-%M
.ucs FullName="/tmp/"$FileName"" tmsh save sys ucs ${FullName} clock ls -la /tmp/ | grep ucs echo $FullName echo $FileName cd /tmp/

USER=user_name PASSW=XXXXXX sftp $ <

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  • There is an iApp that can automate backups via SFTP: Check out GitHub for the latest version of the F5 Automated Backup iApp, and submit any bugs or questions as an "Issue" on GitHub:


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      Mate, your responding to threads which were opened 1 1/2 years back 🙂

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        I realize that. My response was aimed at helping those finding this post through search.