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Feb 13, 2012

Trying LTM V11.1 on new 1600 boxes

We just installed some new 1600 boxes licensed for LTM. They're configured as an Active/Standby redundant pair using volumes. We're going to start doing some testing with clients at the end of the month. How easy/painless/non-traumatic is it to install version 11.1, try it for a couple of weeks and go back to 10.2.3?



I've read about some of the new features in Version 11. One feature that I've been looking forward to is for improvements in component statistics. I've always wanted to be able to see specific Virtual server, iRule and pool statistics as a function of time. Versions 10.x and earlier only show cumulative statistics for components. You can't tell how was traffic for virtual server X last saturday. This kind of data is very helpfull when you're trying to schedule maintenance windows and want to know when a service is used the least.



From the release notes of version 11 I read the following:



This release provides Analytics, a module that provides application visibility and reporting capabilities. Using this module, you can analyze performance of web applications by viewing detailed metrics for applications, virtual servers, pool members, URLs, and specific countries. You can also view detailed statistics about application traffic running through the BIG-IP system.



Is this included in the LTM license or a separate product you have to pay for?


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  • Hi wlopez,



    You can easily install 10.2.x on another slot when using volumes. However, your 11.x config won't be simple to apply on an older major version. So that's something to keep in mind.



    AVR is included with LTM and just needs to be provisioned.