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Nov 13, 2011

Troubles with F5 in the middle

To start off, my group has been assigned a school project to create a functioning F5 network. We have two Cisco 2821 ISRs with NW-ESW-16 switching modules on either side of the F5 BIG-IP 3900. They are connected by Trunks/EtherChannel manually negotiated because the ISRs only support PaGP to the LTM's LACP, with a few VLANs located on each.



We are able to ping from either side into the LTM, but we can't figure out how to get anything to the other side. When we attempt to add a network route to direct traffic it says that the static route is implied from the Self-IP address. How do we get the LTM to pass the traffic through to the other router?



Please let me know if you need further information, we can use any help we can get.


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  • you mean you want to pass traffic from one to another vlan on F5, don't you. if yes, there are a few ways i.e. virtual server, snat, nat. the following sol describes how to create virtual server to forward traffic.



    sol7595: Overview of IP forwarding virtual servers




    please let us know if i misunderstood anything.
  • We had actually already looked at that sol, and attempting it didn't resolve our issue. We ended up changing the design so that only the traffic that was actually going to leave the network would go through the LTM, rather than trying to get all the VLANs to the edge router. We probably just had too much clutter going on to actually set things up properly at our level of competency with F5's equipment.



    Thank you for your response!