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Apr 05, 2019

Transfer files between partitions

Hi, f5 guys,


I made an installation of newer image file on different partition on f5 box, and changed the boot location to the new partition. Before the upgrade I have saved .ucs and .scf files. After the upgrade I can not find them in the file system.


So, I am wondering, can I transfer (copy), in real time (without restarts and changes for the boot location), files from one partition (in my case the old one, not active) to other partition (the active one)?


Any ideas?






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  • Hi Preslav,

    below are the commands needed to retieve UCS backups from your individual boot partitions.

     Create directories 
    mkdir /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_1
    mkdir /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_2
    mkdir /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_3
     Mount the /var folder of the individual partitions
    mount /dev/mapper/vg--db--sda-set.1._var /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_1
    mount /dev/mapper/vg--db--sda-set.2._var /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_2
    mount /dev/mapper/vg--db--sda-set.3._var /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_3
     Copy old *.UCS files to your active partition
    cp /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_1/local/ucs/config.ucs /var/local/ucs/config_from_hd1_1.ucs 
    cp /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_2/local/ucs/config.ucs /var/local/ucs/config_from_hd1_2.ucs 
    cp /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_2/local/ucs/config.ucs /var/local/ucs/config_from_hd1_2.ucs 
     Unmount the var partions
    umount /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_1
    umount /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_2
    umount /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_3
     Remove the directories
    rmdir /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_1
    rmdir /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_2
    rmdir /mnt/var_dir_partition_hd_1_3

    Cheers, Kai

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      Thanks for this.....this works a treat when in a bind and ucs file on other partition! many thanks.