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Mar 13, 2012

Traffic Shaping on F5 Link Controller

Dear all,





I have a requirement to shape my company bandwidth via F5 Link Controller. So the requirement is that I have bandwidth around 10Mbps and I want to divide it into 6Mbps for emails and 4 Mbps for the rest.



Is there any possibility doing it via iRules? If that is possible , anyone could help me with the syntax?








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  • doesn't "rate shaping" work?



    Configuring Rate Shaping

  • Yes, rate shaping is working if I make a two virtual servers (one for SMTP traffic and the other one for the rest ) then I put the rate shaping accordingly.



    But I wonder if that procedure can be simplified using an iRules




  • is this helpful?



    Implementing customized Rate Shape with iRules