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Jun 11, 2003

Traffic prioritization and bandwidth throttling?

This question came up recently from a CTO at a large North American company:



"Does iControl allow for layer seven prioritization rules? Bandwidth throttling?"



Any help would be much appreciated!



Thanks, Jeff

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    As for the layer 7 traffic prioritization. One may consider using the following approach.

    There are iControl methods to set ToS/QoS value of a Pool entity to manage the traffic via a virtual server based on the ToS/Qos value of the packet. The iControl methods used for setting the value of Tos/Qos are listed below,

    For setting ToS value of a pool, please consider the followings:

    For inbound traffic,

    1. ITCMLocalLB.Pool.set_server_ip_tos

    2. ITCMLocalLB.Pool.set_server_link_qos

    For outbound traffic,

    1. ITCMLocalLB.Pool.set_client_ip_tos

    2. ITCMLocalLB.Pool.set_client_link_qos

    In addition to configuring a Pool that sets the ToS/QoS level on a packet, one can configure a rule that selects a Pool based on the existing value within the packet. Once the rule is completed, you may associate the rule to a virtual server. An example of rule content on ToS is given below,

     if (link_qos > 2) { 
         use pool fast_pool 
     else { 
         use pool slow_pool 

    The APIs for creatinig a Rule and associate the Rule to a virtual server is given below,

    1. ITCMLocalLB.Rule.create_rule

    2. ITCMLocalLB.VirtualServer.create_from_rule

    Gary Chen