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Nov 04, 2016

traffic-group has failover object that doesn't exist in "Virtual Servers" tab


I noticed that there is a failover object in the traffic group that doesn't exist in the "virtual servers" tab. I went to tmsh and ran the following.

list ltm virtual-address x.x.x.145                                                                                                                    
ltm virtual-address x.x.x.145 {
    address x.x.x.145
    traffic-group traffic-group-1

Can someone explain why I'm seeing this VS? Is there away to get the name of it to see if it should be there or not?

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  • Hello dude,

    This is what I can tell to you:

    What you are seeing is the virtual address and not the virtual server. So, one or more virtual servers may share the same address e.g. x.x.x.145:80, x.x.x.145:433.

    I think that may be that this address became orphan when a virtual server was deleted or is still being used in another partition that you have not seen yet. If you are working with partitions and is allowed to see them or just want to know if it address is used, you could just try to delete it or do something like below to find in all system:
    cd /
    list ltm virtual recursive one-line |grep "x.x.x.145"


  • Please check with list ltm virtual and check whether this ip address is assigned or login to WEBGUI and search for this IP address. In this case you will get both virtual server (if exist) and virtual IP address in next tab.