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Jul 07, 2011

tracking tmm http errors via irule?




we got several errors in our ltm logs as following:



local/tmm1 err tmm1[6472]: 011f0007:3: http_process_state_prepend - Invalid action EV_INGRESS_DATA during ST_HTTP_PREPEND_HEADERS


We traced this type of error in the f5 kb (sol11021) so we already know why this is happening.



What we would like to do is to track the error via irule and logging the requests causing this error.



Is it possible?


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    So to be clear, what is it exactly that you want your iRule to do? Did you want to track the TCP close rate as described in that solution?



  • We just want to track the uri requested by the client that triggered the tmm error...This way we can give more info to the development division so that web application can be fixed easier and faster...



  • It's not possible to catch this error in an iRule as far as I'm aware. I'm not sure SOL11021 is related though. Have you searched for other SOLs on AskF5 for this error? Also there are quite a few posts in the forums on this.




    You could run tcpdump using (attached) to try to capture this type of info.





  • I have to apologize...the solution id I was referring to is sol5922 (Error Message: http_process_state_prepend - Invalid action EV_INGRESS_DATA during ST_HTTP_PREPEND_HEADERS) and it is related to tmm errors triggered by rfc violations in the web applications.


    Our application environment is quite complex and developers are not aware of the logic applied by bigip (apps are generally tested outside the balancer structure). So would be very useful to be able to track these errors during runtime and provide logs about them...