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Mar 01, 2011

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: MS SharePoint 2010 Solutions with Dell and F5

Welcome to the inaugural installment of our newest feature - Topic of the Week!



The plan is to highlight a particular solution between Dell, F5 and another partner/technology to serve as a guide for you. We'll kick it off with Microsoft's SharePoint 2010. Since Dell is F5's largest reseller, as well as one of Microsoft's, it makes sense to begin here. Many customers are looking to upgrade to/install SharePoint 2010, so I've listed a few resources to help you out along the way.



Feel free to treat this as an open thread to ask questions (and get answers!), discuss your experiences, or just let us know what's on your mind!



Fred Johnson, our F5 engineer dedicated to Dell and our joint solutions, co-wrote a Dell Power Solutions article entitled, "Creating a Manageable, Responsive Microsoft SharePoint Infrastructure." The other author is James Hendergardt, who runs the Microsoft Solutions group on DevCentral. Please be sure to check that community out as well for more great MS info. You can click here to read the article, which also contains a reference architecture:



Our good friends at the Dell TechCenter (DTC) have created a wiki page for SharePoint here:


The wiki includes helpful quick links, white papers, performance study papers, and more.



DTC also offers a SharePoint Acceleration wiki that Fred helped put together here:


This wiki will walk you through how to make your SharePoint applications fast, available, and secure.



Dell also offers its own SharePoint Server page here:


Be sure to check out all of the PDFs you can download to the right - lots of good information listed here, most of it is customer-facing also.



Make sure you have this information in your toolbox! And don't forget that Dell, F5 and Microsoft have worked hard to put together the best SharePoint Server solutions.



Is this helpful? Let us know!


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    Thank you Mr. Miller. I thought the group might be interested in the F5 MS SharePoint 2010 Deployment Guide



    I recently read our case study for a company called Transplace, a shipping logistics business who provides SaaS & thought you might find this interesting as well. We were able to help them address a need for high availability for their mission-critical business applications and ultimately improve customer experience. You should check this out when you have time.