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Mar 06, 2012

Tool which can upgrade configuration syntax




I search more than 3 hours but I'm unable to find anything regarding this.



My situation is simple. We have F5 cluster (LTM) running version 9.4.8 and next cluster running 10.2.0. During change window we would like to migrate config from old cluster to new one. To be precise we will not only migrate config, but merge it with config on new cluster.



During standard upgrade process configuration is updated to follow current version syntax, but is this tool available?



I need something which can migrate bigip.conf v9.4.8 to 10.2.0



Thank you for any response!


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  • Hi,



    Such a tool would be really useful. I am not sure there's an request for enhancement tracking the request. But I'd encourage you to open a case with F5 Support requesting the feature.



  • I should add that you can probably load the 9.4.x UCS on a 10.2.x unit and have the config converted. I don't think it's officially supported and you might hit some snags but it should work for the most part. I'd try testing it on a lab unit or 10.2.x VE first. Make sure to set the hostname of the destination unit to the same as the old unit. And back up the 10.2.x config if you want to merge it later.



  • Hi Aaron,



    yes, I read same thing somewhere, but because we need to merge config without affecting actual configured VIPs we cant use this.



    We can try it on LAB environment. So 'b load old-bigip.conf' should work? At least we can then use upgraded configuration for 'b merge' (but we must setup before all certificates, monitors, ect.)



    Thank you


  • I don't think 'b load 9.x.bigip.conf' will work. I think there is better handling in the b config load process for a UCS than a b load for individual config files. You might try backing up your existing 10.x bigip.conf and bigip_base.conf files, loading the 9.x UCS and then merging the original 10.x bigip.conf and bigip_base.conf files into the config using 'b merge'.