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Jan 07, 2020

Too many redirects - app code..

We have one application behind our F5 load balancer that is causing an error of "too many redirects". We are doing SSL off loading and have a redirect from http-https on virtual server, but i dont th...
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    Jan 08, 2020

    before SSL offload, server redirect 80 -> 443.

    after SSL offload, F5 get 443 and send 80 to server.

    then server redirect to 443. and F5 get 443 and send 80 to server.

    For this reason, as guys mentioned work redirection one place is best.

    for example, server don`t do redirect. and F5 redirect 80 -> 443. F5 offload receive 443 to 80.


    this is easiest way.


    other way is redirect selectively but that cost many resource.