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Jul 23, 2019

tmsh show cm device - How to change cm device name?

Im trying to figure out how to change the "cm device name" after a hostname change?


#tmsh show cm device


CentMgmt::Device: BIGIP-1.localdomain <-- How to change this name to match the Hostname?


Mgmt Ip     

Configsync Ip

Hostname              New-Hostname.local

Base Mac              00:50:56:aa:bb:cc

Mirror Ip   

Mirror Secondary Ip   ::

Multicast Interface

Multicast IP

Multicast Port        0

Version               12.0.0

Product               BIG-IP

Edition               Final

Build                 0.0.606

Marketing Name        BIG-IP Virtual Edition

Platform Id           Z100

Chassis Id            4220c433-2330-ffdc-01234abcde

Active Modules        GTM-DNS, RL, BIG-IP (v11.4 & later)

Inactive Modules

Optional Modules      APM, Base, VE (50 CCU / 200 Access Sessions)

Time Limited Modules





Time zone             America/Los_Angeles

Self device           1

Failover State        active