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Oct 03, 2011

tmsh deleting persistence records

Currently have a few VIP's running on a LB and need to delete a persistent record as they have static assigned cookies that can’t be change manually.



This is how I currently do it:



bigpipe persist node mode cookie key 03 delete



with tmsh it would be something like:



tmsh delete /ltm persistence persist-records virtual MELPROD01-vs mode cookie node-addr node-port 80 key 03



But you get the following error:



Data Input Error: If you specify a parameter for persist key, you must specify a mode and no other parameter than mode.



and would only accept:


tmsh delete /ltm persistence persist-records mode cookie key 03



I cannot delete with just cookie and value 03 as this value is used in multiple pools/VIPs



Has anyone been able to do this or write a script to perform this? (any hints would be good. )
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