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May 06, 2014

tmsh access

I keep reading all of these wonderful things that you can do with TMSH shell, but i cannot find how you access the commands.


my appliance is at the (tmos) prompt, and if i try to use "tmsh" or "bigpipe" command, nothing...commands not recognized...




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  • If you're already in tmos, you don't need to preface commands with 'tmsh'. You can just hit ? from tmos and you'll see a list of available commands.


    Additionally, here's a tmos command reference for v11.1:



  • thanks cory.


    i could see that i had all kinds of access to modify, create, etc from the tmos prompt...didnt know if tmsh gave me some additional functionality that i was not aware of...


    appreciate the quick response..


    i'm running ver 10.2.4...appreciate the link...maybe the same location has it for v10.




  • Here it is for 10.2:



    You'd only need to specify 'tmsh' before the command if you are issuing the command from bash shell.