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Dec 06, 2022

This is a related question when using Performance L4 as a forwarding IP.

hello Sir. Thank you for your help. [No Pool] I know that when the [Address Translation ] option is [Disalbed], it works normally.   I would like to know what Flow does not wor...
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    Dec 06, 2022

    Address Translation, when checked (enabled), that the system translates the address of the virtual server. When cleared (disabled), specifies that the system uses the address without translation. This option is useful when the system is load balancing devices that have the same IP address. The default is enabled.

    your VS not have a pool, when you enable Address Translation, the system can not translate the clientside dst ip to serverside pool member address

    tcpdump packet find icmp type 3 code 9 official definition is "Destination network administratively prohibited"