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Feb 03, 2011

The last IPv4 address is gone -- now what?

So, the Internet has run out of space, has it? Well, not really (of course), but the last IPv4 addresses were officially and ceremoniously assigned this morning. So what does this mean - and what should we do about it? You need to be ready for IPv6!



Computerworld has a nice article here:


"The end of the central supply of IPv4 addresses signaled the urgency of enterprises and service providers to migrate to IPv6, the latest version of the protocol, which has been available for more than a decade and allows for an almost unlimited number of addresses. When there are no more IPv4 addresses available from the RIRs, new hosts on the Internet will not be able to communicate with systems that use only IPv4 without special mechanisms that could degrade the Internet experience. Some experts advise adopting a "dual-stack" approach to remain connected with both IPv4 and IPv6 hosts."



Sounds like a bit of a headache that most IT managers don't need added to their already full project schedules. Luckily, F5 can help. If you haven't already checked out Don MacVittie's DevCentral blog on this topic, "The One Thing All IT Shops Will Do in 2011", you can find it here:



In other words, get crackin'!



One other thing -- I like numbers, but this one's too big for me to wrap my head around. IPv6 is not completely unlimited in the number of addresses it can assign, but it might as well be.....



Did you know that IPv6 will be able to handle 340 undecillion addresses? An undecillion is a 1 with 36 zeros behind it (had to look it up)! If we ever have to do this again, I can guarantee you we won't be around to see it.



Have any of you started planning for IPv6 yet? What are your experiences so far?

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    Great Article Mr. Miller... Best part is that Big IP and F5 have been prepared for this for more than 5 years. We have many customer running the IPV6 module that is available on the BIG IP LTM. Customers who currently have the Big IP LTM and are interested in adding this module should read the article or contact their Dell|F5 Team.
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    Some new information just came across my desk today on this topic.



    If you're new to DevCentral, make sure you check out Lori MacVittie's blogs! She posts several times a week, but every Friday is her "F5 Friday" segment. Today's blog is entitled, "‘IPv4 and IPv6 Can Coexist’ or ‘How to eat your cake and have it too’" and can be found here:



    It really dives into how F5's IPv6 Gateway Module can aid in IPv4 to IPv6 translation without having to run in a "dual stack" environment.



    Also, Mashable has a nice "Short Guide" to the IPv4 - IPv6 issue here:



    Just more insight on a hot IT topic!