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Feb 13, 2012

The graph impact after changing profile in the BigIP

After making the following profile change from the "performance" menu i released that the following 2 changes happened.


1. The "Active Connections" Increased more than 2-3 times


2. In the new Connections the server connections became 0 and the client connections Increased




Now as i checked the connections from result of the "bigtop" command the web servers netstat command I found out the connections didn't changed. Also i investigated the internet traffic and where no sign of traffic increase.


Profile change settings:


standard ⇒ Performance Layer4




After this profile change the method of protocol communication checked so i believe that this changed the view of the graphs.


Can you please explain me why this changed happed to the graphs? How the exactly value is taken for the performance graph of the active connections? Isn’t the bigtop value of the connections?




Also please let me know if you need anything else information to investigate this issue.


Best regards


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  • Hi Aoi,



    So you changed a production virtual server with active connections from standard to performance layer4? And then you saw the active connections count increase 2-3x? And you saw the server connections go to 0?



    Does that sound correct for the symptoms?



  • hello Aaron



    > Does that sound correct for the symptoms?


    Yes correct.



    Best regards
  • I think the server connections would drop to 0 as LTM is no longer managing separate client and serverside connections when using a performance L4 virtual server.



    Did the connection increase last for a while or was it just a momentary spike up? If the latter, I don't think it's a problem.



  • Thank you i understand why the servers connections drop to 0.



    As for the active connections, the increase started for the timing that i changed the profile until now(about 4 days’ time ).


    Also as i wrote in my question (and also you can see below) i checked with "bigtop" command and the web servers http connections


    and i realized there wasn't any increase in the connections before and after the change of the profile.


    ( the change is only in the performance graph)



    Connection of virtual servers(bigtop result):20k[about]


    Connection in the web servers(netstat result):20k[about]


    Active connection before the change showing in the performance graph(profile:standard):20k[about]


    Active connection after the profile change showing in the performance graph(profile:Performance Layer4):100k[about]



    Best regards