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May 09, 2012

terminate https vip with additonal port send to host on the additional port

we need to terminate a https connection with an additional port and send to the server pool on that tcp port number. to server listing on port 6747


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  • It's certainly possible.



    Two quick questions:


    1) How is your pool for this VIP set up: as "*" (all ports), or is it only 80 or 443 at present?


    2) Are you SSL offloading and talking to the pool in-the-clear, or do you need to reencrypt?


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    On the virtual listening on port 6747 add the clientSSL profile. This will cause the LTM to enable it to use ssl. If you want clear text back to the server then leave ServerSSL profile empty and create a pool with members listening on port 6747.