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Sep 03, 2020

Telemetry monitoring to Azure

Good day,


Our client made a request that F5 send logs to Azure using TS.

I have followed the configurations suggestions as per


We still do not see logs sent for LTM


Has anyone configured this logging before and can you share the configuration that was done


I am more than happy to share the steps performed and list the configs



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    Azure Stack Hub telemetry automatically uploads system data to Microsoft via the Connected User Experience. Microsoft teams use the data that Azure Stack Hub telemetry gathers to improve customer experiences. This data is also used for security, health, quality, and performance analysis.

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      Hi, thanks for the information.


      Where can I view the code or script that shows the configuration?

      How would one know which IP is used to connect out to the Azure services as I most likely will need this IP to have internet access


      Do you have some information regarding the following:


      1. Which IP is used from the F5 to Azure to send stats
      2. Configuration of the deceleration (A different example than the one mentioned in my post)
      3. Configuration of the logging profile (I think this is where my problem is)


      I have been speaking to the guys from Azure and they see system information from my F5. (e.g cpu)

      However both LTM and ASM stats are empty.


      The easy one is ASM empty is due to module not loaded.

      The LTM side needs a logging profile that is assigned to the VS's. (This is not a normal HSL profile)