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Jun 02, 2021

syslog message contain localhost instead of LB name

Hi there,

we send syslogs to external log collector but the message has "localhost" instead of real LB name. This is the only LB with this issue we have.


Example message:

<13>May 28 11:59:54 <6>May 28 13:59:54 localhost info kernel: ltm driver: Idle enforcer starting - tid: 32123 cpu: 7/7


I checked platform settings and device name under device management and all is correctly set.

Do you know what might be the root cause?




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  • You can find solution here :

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      Hi Josepth, the message contect is not the problem. Problem is missing LB name as identifier in the message, instead we have "LOCALHOST" in the message. Idle enforcer log is just one I picked from the logs :)