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Mar 22, 2012

syncing configuration ASM




We have in our DATA CENTER 2 BIG IP F5 on Active/Standby in verson 11.0.0 and work on LTM and ASM, and when we click under sync for syncing configuration between 2 big ip, syncing will work successefully for LTM, however for ASM, the 2 F5 will share only the HTTP class and not for Web Application (policy).



My question is: How we can have a compete shared For ASM ?








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  • You will need to update to 11.1 to do this.


  • Hello, I am having issues with asm synchronization. Everything is configured like it should be, but when I configure security policy only name of the policy appears on standby member with a link "configure security policy". Configuration sync status says that devices are in-sync. Software version is 11.5.1 HF6.


    Any ideas?