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Aug 09, 2023

Supress a certain log in /var/log/ltm

Hello Everyone 

I keep seeing this log in /var/log/ltm:

info tmm[8482]: 01260013:6: SSL handshake failed for TCP ->

Is there a way to supress this log from not showing in /var/log/ltm?

thanks in advannce

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  • mohmazen I believe what you are looking for is the following, specifically the SSL section. Most likely yours is set at the default level and would require being lowered so that that message no longer appears.

    Now for the question. Why are you wanting to surpress this from your logs? The reason I ask is because this typically means you have some sort of issue that should be fixed rather than ignored.

  • I dont believe you can supress specific message.

    Beyond that agree with Paulius better to investigate and solve then surpress.

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