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Nov 17, 2021

Study Guides for 101 Exam

Hello all, a lot of old links on here with regards to the 101 exam. I am trying to find a guide for the 101 exam which is relevant for the 2021 version of the exam. If the old guides are still ok then great or if someone could please point me in the right direction.


Many thanks,



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  • you can start with the blue print to have an idea of you can explain / understand all that



    you can check this out for sure:


    also this seems a nice overview for the 13.1 version


  • Dear Boneyard,

    I followed your advise and bought the 101 study guide book at, sadly this book is in line with the 11.4 exam which was theory only. Therefore, this book is worthless, because the current updated 101 exam (v13.1) has a totally different approach and requires some practical knowledge.

    Thanks for the powerpoint link, it says the study guide can be found on, searching there for "101 study guide" takes you to that shows results that take your to Finding the study guide seems to be a problem for me and many more 101 students. Do you know if the study guide is deleted?

    Furthermore, after registering at the F5 Candidate Portal "should have" received an email from Examstudio to register there to practice some practice exams. Unfortunately I did not receive any mail and can't figure out how to register on their site. Did F5 stop their partnership with Examstudio?