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Aug 15, 2011

STREAM *head scratching*




I have a VS setup on port 443 applied to external VLAN using builtin SSL profile on clientside only, http profile (rechunk, x-forwarded), empty stream profile, SNAT pool; points to a pool of web servers on port 80 with an iRule attached as follows. Environment, VLANs, SNAT are well known and working and we are using route domains.






if {[HTTP::header "Content-Type"] contains "text"} {


STREAM::expression {@http://@https://@}










Initial page returns with broken images and the page is full of "http://" links which should have been rewritten as "https://".




Any Help Appreciated!










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  • when HTTP_REQUEST { 
      HTTP::header remove "Accept-Encoding" 

    Turns out this bit of iRule above is necessary to make all this work. However the stream profile @http://@https://@ does not. It had to be modified to @http@https@

    The following expressions have different results... host = hello

    STREAM::expression @http://@https://@ does not work

    STREAM::expression @http://hello@https://hello@ does not work

    STREAM::expression @http://\@https://\@ does work

    STREAM::expression @http://$host@https://$host@ does work

    STREAM::expression @http@https@ does work

    Can anyone explain to me why certain things work and others do not. I would like to understand the parsing that is going on here.


    Kevin (Jarvil)
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    That's actually very interesting. I would think that all of those forms would work. When you say "doesn't work" do you mean that it's not replacing the strings, or returning an error of some form?