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Dec 09, 2011

Stop listening on service port if all pool members are offline

I'm new to the LTM product and coming from CSS



I have Cisco GSS that I am using to check the new VIP I created on the LTM



I've added this iRule to my VIP:





if { [active_members roeiast4x-8000] == 0 } {


discard } }



The service port is 8000/tcp



From my GSS I have a check on my VIP address on port 8000


When I have port 8000 turned down on the two servers I can still do a telnet VIP port 8000 and see a connection. I have the keepalive on my GSS as TCP, 8000 and Connection Termination Method as RESET.



I've seen others with success using this rule, however being green to the LTM product, maybe I am overlooking something.



Is there a reason why the VIP still responds to the service port when all servers behind it are offline?



Hoping to find a fix to my issue to allow the GSS to see the VIP as down if all the members are not active.





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  • are you using http profile?



    sol8082: Overview of TCP connection set-up for BIG-IP LTM virtual server types




    if http is required, can you try to enable verified accept in tcp profile?



    hope this helps.