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Sep 30, 2010

SSO Rewrite in iRule




we are currently looking at BigIP to act as a proxy for authentication.



For example we have a site



The sso server (Oracle SSO ) is at


We have multiple apps that will use below url to authenticate



When a user clicks on login, they should to, which will contact , authenticate and re-direct to next url or url that they were on.



The SSO integration is done in apache httpd.conf file.



Am able to authenticate properly, but the re-writes are working in apache.



Can this be done in an iRule.


Re-direct users to nexturl if sucess


Re-direct users if they are on some url if sucess when they logged in.







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  • Why not leverage APM module for this? Are you using Oracle Access Manager? If so, APM has native integration with APM where it can replace WebGate proxy functionality. Even without it, APM module can implement the functionality you described and eliminate the web proxy tier altogether.