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Sep 15, 2022

SSL-VPN - Route all traffic NOT via the default gateway but via the CUSTOM gateway

Hi, We are working to implement a new VPN stream that ends on F5. Our goal is to terminate the SSL VPN on F5 but filter the traffic on the firewall, we don't want to do ACLs on F5. We need to set ...
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    Sep 16, 2022

    Hi tub91 

    I would suggest that because you need a different default route for the VPN traffic, you might want to consider moving the DMZ2 subnet into its own VLAN (if not already) and then attach that VLAN to its own route domain, along with the lease pool. 

    In my lab I added a route domain called VPN, with ID 10. I added the VLAN for VPN clients to it, and added my self IPs with route domain notation in the form of

    Next, I set a default route for the route domain with the following parameters:
    Gateway Address:

    In the Access Policy's VPE, on the same branch where I assign the network access resource, I added a Route Domain Selection Agent, and set the Route Domain created earlier.

    Last, if you don't want to use SNAT, set a route on your firewall for the lease pool pointing to the F5's self-IP in the DMZ2 subnet.

    Note, there are some limitations that apply to APM and route domains: 

    Hope this helps,