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Jan 08, 2021

SSL VPN - APM and Self-IPs

Hi, I am new to configuring SSL VPNs via APM and I have a question around the lease pools and any correlation to local and floating Self-IPs. Say I have the following:   Active/Standby configura...
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    Jan 08, 2021

    If the IPs in the lease pool are routable, then I would say yes. If they're just locally significant (ie. only valid between the F5 and the user's client device), then I say no.


    There are different ways to do VPN on the F5, and using APM gives you some nice options (checking user ID vs active directory for the group they're in, adding two-factor auth like DUO, sorting users into different groups with their own access profiles, etc). Lastly, be sure your license covers the number of expected users.


    Hopefully this answers your question - good luck!