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Jun 05, 2023

SSL Offloading for specific IPs or range of IPs

Current flow is as below Client -> F5 LTM (SSL Proxying) -> On premise Application Servers (TLS Offloading). Certificates that do TLS offloading has F5 LTM DNS as CN/SAN. For a migration of my on ...
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    Jun 05, 2023

    Something like this maybe (where offload_ips is a data-group with ip host and ip/mask as specified)

    when CLIENT_ACCEPTED priority 500 {
        if {[class match -- [IP::client_addr] equals offload_ips]} {
            pool new_stack_cloud_application
        } else {
            pool on_premise_applications_servers


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    Jun 06, 2023

    JRahm, I beg to differ and offer a different solution. Not every problem requires an iRule to be solved. πŸ™‚
    I'd rather create two virtual servers, one with pool_A and SSL Bridging configured and another one with pool_B and SSL Passthroughand make use of K14800: Order of precedence for virtual server matching.  

    1(host address)(network address)(port)
    2(host address)*(port)

    For the source you can use an Address List as described in this Manual article: Configuring Multiple IP Addresses and Service Ports for a Virtual Server. This would replace the datagroup for matching the source IP address(es).