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May 23, 2018

SSL Certificate

Is there any How To Guides on generating a certificate from the GUI that has Multiple Certificate Subjects,


The first Certificate Subject would be the CSR generated from the F5 and comes back from the CA. Second Subject would be the Root Certificate Authority The third Subject would be the CA.


I'm coming into the environment, found this config and was unable to find any guides on this. I would be interested in learning how it was accomplished.




  • Find the link which will help to generate CSR. If you have multiple SAN name then add below in place of

    Subject Alternative Name
    including common name.


    CSR Generation:

    Download the CSR, decode and verify, whether you have generated correctly: link. Send the CSR to 3rd party CA provider(DigiCert, VeriSign, etc.) to get the Certificate.

    You will get Certificate and RootCA/IntermediateCA file from 3rd party CA provider. Import all file to LB. And attach cert, key, RootCA to profile.


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