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Jun 26, 2020

SP initiated policy not working. IDP initiated also not working for different reasons.

Hi folks. So I am trying to set up a policy on APM that will do SAML auth to a 3rd party SP. When I try to do a Webtop/IDP-initiated request, the request doesn't have the appropriate relay-state in it. The SP is expecting to get a cooking of some sort, most likely an auth token. But there is no mechanism for me to create that in the config. So when I leave the relay state value blank it sends nothing. I have no way of knowing what the value should be so I don't know what to put in there.


When I try and do an SP-initiated request, the APM doesn't send anything at all. My access policy is pretty straightforward. It has an SSO config assigned to it. I do an AD query and ad auth and then allow the traffic to go through but it never sends the SAML response to the SP.

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