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Dec 26, 2011

source routing

Hello folks,



I have several clients and servers and a LB in the middle with several Virtual Servers.



Requests from clients are load balanced to servers well, but when servers starts a request such as sending an e-mail i have a problem.


LB is the gateway of the servers.



One of my VS IP is, and another My mail server's IP address is When a node of a pool of the server sends an e-mail, it goes out from, rather than even if the node belongs to the pool which is bind to VS.



I can solve this with SNAT pool and other parameters in the user interface, though this is not enough for me, because I have several servers with several VS and several applications that are trying to go out trough LB.



So I belive I need LB to route the outbound traffic according to source.



if the source is this node/pool


go out from this IP


if the source is that node/pool


go out from that IP






can i do such a thing with iRule?



Thanks in advance.





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  • i think configuring snat might be simpler.


    [root@ve1023:Active] config  b virtual bar list
    virtual bar {
       snat automap
       pool foo
       ip protocol 6
    [root@ve1023:Active] config  b pool foo list
    pool foo {
       members {
    [root@ve1023:Active] config  b snat snat_bar list
    snat snat_bar {
       origins {