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Mar 21, 2023

Souce based load balancing for RDS services


We are planning to deploy Two new RDS severs in different sites (both sites are connected). Can use BIG-IP LTM for souce based load balansing of RDS services? Like site A users traffic should go to RDS (Site A) and Site B users traffic should go to RDS (Site B). Please advise how can archive this?


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  • sumjoy_vicky This can be achieved by setting up two data-groups one with site A IPs and the other with site B IPs and then an iRule will reference these data-groups so when a connection lands on the F5 it can then direction them to either pool for site A or pool for site B. Ideally you would configure two seperate virtual servers and a GSLB service that reponds to DNS queries for a site and then it sends A to A and B to B and then also fails over to the other in the event that one of them fails completely.

  • Hi, sumjoy_vicky.

    If you want to load balance using the source address, I suggest another solution.

    I think it can be solved by using the 'source address' of the virtual server.

    create two same ip address of virtual server and you adding the source address you want.

    incoming to RDS vip, F5 can be check the source address and go to RDS server you want.


    refer the sol doc.