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Mar 06, 2012

SNMP Trap differences in v10 and v11

I do have a support case open for this, but I wanted to get feedback from anyone running v11 from the community as well:



Our v10 BIG-IPs send SNMP traps when pool members are down/up to our network monitoring system. In v10, the syslog messages that are generated when this event happens are like:



Mar 6 06:48:55 local/wr-dc-ltm-3900-01 notice mcpd[3716]: 01070638:5: Pool member monitor status down.



When the BIG-IP generates an SNMP trap, per /etc/alertd/alertd.conf, the trap contains three "properties:"



* bigipNotifyObjMsg - the full message (ie, "Pool member monitor status down.")


* bigipNotifyObjNode - the IP address of the node.


* bigipNotifyObjPort - the port of the pool member.



Our network monitoring system uses these properties/variables/etc to construct an alert that notifies the necessary people (ie, "$bigIpNotifyObjNode is down).



This appears to have all changed in v11. The syslog message generated by the BIG-IP when a pool member is down now looks like this:



Mar 6 08:43:12 slot1/wr-dc-ltm-b2100-p02 notice mcpd[4984]: 01070638:5: Pool /Common/FHEG-CTWF-PROD-HTTP-POOL member /Common/ monitor status down. [ was up for 0hr:0min:36sec ]



A SNMP trap does get generated, but does not contain any of the properties that were mentioned earlier (node, port, etc). All that the trap seems to contain is one field named "bigipNotifyObjMsg" which contains the entire error message:



"Pool /Common/FHEG-CTWF-PROD-HTTP-POOL member /Common/ monitor status down. [ was up for 0hr:7mins:41sec ] (slot1)"



No fields exist for the IP of the node or port. This obviously is breaking our NMS' alerting system.



Is this functionality expected in v11? Is there a way to get the alerting to perform as it did in v10?