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Jan 06, 2012

SNAT TCP/UDP/IP idle timeouts

We are currently running exchange 2010 on our 8900 LTMs. We used the template provided by F5 that covered the wizard template within the LTM. I didn't see anything that covered the idle timeouts for the above but was reading quite a few articles that suggested that the "indefinite" default should be changed to another value(not specifically with F5 but in general).



Have any of you changed this default in your environment? We ran into an issue recently where we were exhausting our ports within or SNAT pool (7 IPs). We currently have 32,000 users. We were wondering if the connections for some reason were staying and not closing/timing out. Any inout would be greatly appreciated. If there's something I may've left out please feel free to ask me.







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  • Hi Jason,


    I haven't used the wizard for Exchange 2010 but have you looked at the timeout value on the TCP profile (if you are using that)?