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Oct 13, 2011

SNAT configuration - Inbound /Outbound

Dear all,



We are configuring 2 servers(HA - always on-line)) which hosts 2 different portals.




1) Administrator & Customer care 2) Web user




These 2 servers have Private IPs(Example :- & and ports which are opened are 8080, 9999) through which portals are accessed.




I want to access these portals through a single IP.




Public IP may be which will be NATed to the routers)




Our expectation is to have a Load balanced setup where in we can access the portals running in both the machines through a Single IP.




Even though i have created a Virtual servers & Standard SNAT. I am not aware of any technique to troubleshoot or do it the right way as i am trying for the first time working in F5










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  • is this what you are looking for?



    Name Based Virtual Hosting with LTM by Deb




    Select pool based on HTTP host header by randylf




    hope this helps.
  • Hi jagannathks,

    You stated that you have two different portals that you want to access via the same Virtual Server on the Big-IP. Yes, you can do this, but the how depends on the details.

    I assume that the ports are running on different servers.

    1. Administrator & Customer Care - > Port 8080

    2. Web User - > Port 9999

    Public IP Address will be a translated to the Virtual Server IP Address (

    I assume that you will have two different URL's (one for each Portal):

    Create two pools. (Member: Port 8080) (Member: Port 9999)

    Now you just need to route the traffic to the proper pool bases on which portal they need to go to. The Port Translation between the Virtual Server Port (80/443) will occur by default (Port Translation) on the Virtual Server, so it should not be a concern.

    Apply iRule:

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
    switch [string tolower [HTTP::host]] {
    "" { pool }
    "" { pool }

    If any of my assumptions are incorrect, just provide additional detail and we can help you get it all figured out.

    Hope this helps.